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Kisses For sale

Sssshh. Looks both ways don’t tell no one I out on the street sellin kisses anyone dat drives by can stop so long as they give me 25 Linden for a kiss we good. Its a easy way to make money but don’t let you mommy or daddy know cos I don’t think they be happy.

*FYI I don’t take whoopins for no one if day get in trouble Dis blog post or me is not responsible for you action ijs.

If you want this amazin out Kisses 25L It’s available at Rayna’s Closet and her Marketplace bit first lets see what you get in this outfit It comes with: Boots, Bow, Leggings, Shirt and a Skirt. And best part is it is available for both td Baby and Kid. Yassss ty Rayna

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