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Be my Anti-Valentines

There is one rule in the house that I don’t like this time of year. Yep mhmm you guessed it No Boys, Is very hard to have valentines if you not allowed a boy to have valentines wid. Sooo dis year Imma try somefin a lil different; yall can’t be my Valentines but ….
maybe just a teansey wiencey bit of maybe I can have a anti-valentines.  Sighs I still got to work out da rest hmmm who to ask oh well While I think about it yall should go check out this amazing outfit called: Anti-Valentines It’s by no other than Rayna’s Closet but if you busy like me today you can always get on Marketplace.
This outfit includes:These lovely black shoes, and this amazing Red and black outfit with Anti-valentines Print on the front.

Be Sure to tell your friends. Hmm Lets start a anti-valentines movement

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