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Sleepy head go to bed


Is time for me to go to bed I try brush my teethy pegs before I go. I fink I did a real good job tew. I had such a good day lots of dancing cos it was my cuzzy’s birthday.


Sigh my feet got so cold but lucky these puffy slippers do the trick my feet are nice and warm agen. Can’t I stay up just a little longer Please


No I have to go to bed is a busy day tomorrow I get told so I have to be all slept up.
I guess it time for yawns my sleepy head to go sleep. Nini

Nightware by Numb3rs called Little Miss Sleepy Head Panda (Black) This set comes with Night dress, slippers, toothpaste face tattoo, panda ears, panda tail, clothing underlayer hud and 2 versions of the sleep cap, 1 with hair and the other without. For the purpose of this blog Wearing the sleep cap with hair.
Get yours today inworld: on Marketplace:

Puffy Slippers by Kidorable come in a gacha take a chance see what you get 3 Rares and 6 common

Inworld at:

Pose in second pic by P.O.S.E Baby Stand collection. 3 Poses

P.O.S.E poses available on Marketplace:

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